Sunday, 10 July 2016


Today ...

I was trying to get to church extra early today and had two trains and a bus to catch to get there. So praying to get each I set out from my house. 

Made the first train with 3 seconds to spare - was opening it's doors as I ran down the steps to the subway platform. 

Was despairing of catching the second train until I arrived at the station and realised I had about 5 mins to make a 6 min transfer. So with a prayer I decided 'let's give this a go.' "God please make the train leave late." 

Raced along as fast as I could, up the stairs, along the corridors, up the escalators, and into the main hall of the KTX train station. (Those are the express non-stop extra fast trains.) and saw the clock tick to my departure time - but the train was still on the board. "God make the train leave at the end of the minute not the start, please." 

Made a point of remembering the platform number in case it was removed from the board and kept running. Got to the steps down to the platform and the train was still there. With the conductor by the door and a whistle in his mouth. Picture me running down the stairs waving at the guard trying to indicate that I want to be in this train. 

Was almost at the bottom when I saw two other people casually strowling along the side of the train, suitcases in tow looking for their carriage. God bless slow people. Climbed in the train directly behind the slow slow people but before the guard and paid for my ticket as the train pulled away from the station. 

Amazingly I was able to get a seat and not a standing ticket which was an added bonus. 

Got off the train an hour later and hurried through the station towards the bus stop. Didn't see the Korean man who started to follow me. 

Outside the station saw an unexpected friend who had also arrived early. We walked to the bus stop together, unobserved Korean man somewhere behind us. Climbed on the bus and the man got on too. Chatted until we got to our stop then got off. 

I did notice the man get off but thought nothing of it because I didn't know he'd been following me. Thought nothing of it when he turned off the main road at the same place we did. However I did think it was strange when he turned into the building where our church is located in the third floor. Was even more strange when he climbed the stairs to the third floor. And then he waited while I unlocked the church and he followed us in, sat down and started to pray ...

At lunch time our Korean Pastor was talking to him and found out the other half of the story. 

The man had been planning to come to our church but wasn't sure how to get there. He saw me walking through the train station and thought "She looks like an Adventist." So he decided to follow me....

I'm not sure what an Adventist looks like but apparently I'm it. 

So many things could have stopped this man from getting to church today, but God is in charge of timing and we can trust Him.

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